Bitches Broken Hearts

We have known one another for as long as I can remember. Both of us have done some changing in the past five years. Being without you for an extended period of time has made me realize that the way I feel towards you will never change.

No matter who I’ve been with. It hasn’t changed.

As I grow and mature so do my feelings.

Life isn’t planned. I’ve recently begun to understand that.

When someone is gone for a long time you think of all the little things that you want to tell them. Everything is put down in your head. By the time we saw each other we were catching up about so many other big things that happened.

Life is more than just one person though.

I just don’t understand how I can love someone so much.

Nobody has forever. But I love you now. The now is what matters.

Any moment could be our last moment.

When I gaze into your eyes I see everything.

I’ve loved you since the beginning in art class.