Pushing through

So lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot. I just recently moved from my home for the first time. I am an hour away from my family and friends.

It’s been pretty tough trying to get through. I’ve been looking for a job while trying to get myself ready for my bachelors degree and it’s a lot of stress and work.

On top of all that my love life is a giant fucking mess.

I’ve been depressed and haven’t had much motivation to do anything. I haven’t wanted to do anything but sleep.

It has come to the point where I’m just calm about everything. It feels like my functions have shut down on me and all I am able to feel is numb.

I’ve dealt with depression before but not to this extent. This is a whole new sort of feeling.

Who knows what my future will hold.

I just want to be happy again and live my life.


Don’t give up

I feel like us as humans work so hard to get to a certain place or obtain a certain goal in life that we sometimes lose sight of what makes life fun.

Life is unpredictable and that’s kind of a great thing. Planning every little detail out becomes so exhausting because nothing will ever go exactly as planned and it’s really discouraging.

Having a general idea of what you want for the future just makes life so much more enjoyable.

After a while of chasing something you lose your hobbies. You become so hyper focused on a set goal you lose a part of yourself.

You need a creative outlet because it brings you happiness. Don’t lose sight of that inner child.

Having that creativity will make you feel so much better and less depressed about where life is going.

As kids, we were so much happier because all we ever did was find things we enjoyed and had fun. We were constantly creating.

As adults, we have to learn to factor that fun into our busy schedules to stay sane.

So it’s okay to not know everything that’s going to happen in your future. Just remember to live your life and enjoy it.

Find things that make you happy and keep feeding that outlet.