A Happy Place

Everyone likes to daydream. To create a place within the deepest factions of our minds where everything is perfect. Untouched by the outside world to infiltrate our sacred secret worlds.

Sometimes I alternate between every situation that I want to happen and choose what I deem the best outcome. However, I usually go to one event I made in particular which always seems to calm any anxieties I may have.

There is one place I go to whenever I feel as if I need to escape reality. I often visit this place in my dreams. I often have control of what goes on in this dream like I do when I lucid dream.

I call it,

Winter Wonderland

Snow falls outside onto the yard. The fire blazes on in front of them as she reads. Twinkling tree lights flash a multitude of colors that sometimes hit the reflection on her glasses. She pulls her large grey sweater over her petite fingers to keep them warm. The steaming peppermint cocoa rests on the table next to their feet. He smiles, watching her while she reads intently, unaware of the rest of the world. Holding her close, he places a feathered kiss to her forehead. Breaking her eyes from the book, she looks up at him, a soft red tint colors her cheeks. A large smile forms, not only on her face but to her eyes. Scooting closer to his chest for warmth, she sighs in contentment. The book lay open in her lap as she does so. Looking back down at her book she continues to read on. His fingers trace swirl patterns on her thighs as she reads peacefully. That had become their thing recently. It soothed her and made her feel safe. Soft noises came from the T.V. as The Nightmare Before Christmas played on repeat. They both loved that movie especially around this time of year. With one hand making random patterns on her thigh, he placed the other over the table to grab the Santa shaped mug filled with warm cocoa. The smell of peppermint and cinnamon permeated throughout the entire house. It made her happy to be home. The smell, the weather, the warmth, the feel of the times, the movies, the seasonal drinks, and the lights. But most importantly, him. It wouldn’t be considered their home, without him. It was days like this that she realized how lucky she really was. He always told her that he loved her no matter the circumstance. Of course, those words were hard to swallow, but when given the thought, she knew he really meant it. She had said similar words to him, but today something felt different. She felt as if those words were really sinking into her skin. This made her smile brighten even more as she skimmed the words in front of her. As he placed his cocoa back on the table, she laid a gentle but passionate kiss to his cheek. He smiled at her with a look that said “What was that for?” to which she shrugged and smiled at him. Their love could be felt through every house around them. Those three words of endearment did not need to be said. He could tell exactly what she meant with that kiss. Saying it back, he placed her on his lap as she giggled playfully. Her book fell to the floor with a soft thud. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him. They exchanged soft and passionate kisses. The snow fell softly outside. The T.V. played their favorite film. Twinkling lights shined everywhere. Peppermint and cinnamon permeated around them. The pungent smell filling every part of the home. They were home.

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